Adventures in Digital Marketing: An Odyssey to Embrace My Social Alter-Ego

A few short years ago, I thought social media was an epic waste of time – especially Twitter.

With Facebook my attitude was only slightly better.  I participated, begrudgingly, with an occasional update to appease the masses.  But I found the practice an intrusion and viewed it as just one more thing on my endless list of “to-do’s.”

Now, I face this blog with my tail between my legs.  I’ve got that same sheepish feeling I get when I recollect my pre-motherhood opinions about child rearing.   Sigh . . . . when will I ever learn?

Years ago, I choose a career in marketing because I thought that was where the fun people were. I gravitated toward market research, analysis, writing and strategy (the quiet side of this field) because that is more consistent with my nature.  Apparently I wanted to surround myself with the essence of “social” but I was uncomfortable with actually being social.  I’m sure Freud would have a field day with this.

Time passed, social media infiltrated the business world and I realized that I could take my existing skill set and give it a whole new, modern persona – digital marketing.  This was my opportunity to venture into the social side of marketing that I found so attractive in the first place without completely changing my personality.  Not only could I do this, I could rock this because I already possessed the analytical skills to support it!  So, I made a decision to step out of my comfort zone and to attack social media – with vigor!

I started with the channel I had the most disdain for – Twitter, ugh!!  I changed my unused handle to my new alter-ego, @SocialAmyW, and I immersed myself in all things #socialmedia.  I also set myself on a course of learning that involved devouring everything in the library of educational materials that even sniffed of online marketing.

So, as I begin this blog my goal is to document my journey.  This is where I will capture my travels from being a private, social-media nay-sayer to a digital marketing marvel – recording useful information so others can use it as a resource.  I realize that it is the nature of the blog to mutate over time, so I am excited to see where this might lead.  Thank you, dear reader, for joining me in my quest.

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