Are Keywords Still Important in 2017?

You say potāto, I say “potahto.” A few months ago, I got into a debate on the topic of “keywords” that left me incredibly frustrated. Obviously, or I wouldn’t still be thinking about it today. I suggested that blog posts should target specific keywords. The person I was talking to said keywords don't matter anymore,... Continue Reading →

How to Set Up Your Blog for Success

Business blogs are a great way to connect with customers and improve your website’s visibility in search engines. But there’s more to a blog than great writing. Successful blogs provide the reader with a positive, memorable experience. They are welcoming, engaging and they encourage the reader to linger, learn and share. So before you hit... Continue Reading →

Word nerds unite! Content marketers are writers. Whether we’re crafting short, 140 character tweets, copy for our next ad or a lengthy blog post, we love the process. And . . . . we are always seeking ways to get better. One of my fellow content marketers, Barry Feldman, put together this great post that... Continue Reading →

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