How to Set Up Your Blog for Success

Business blogs are a great way to connect with customers and improve your website’s visibility in search engines. But there’s more to a blog than great writing. Successful blogs provide the reader with a positive, memorable experience. They are welcoming, engaging and they encourage the reader to linger, learn and share. So before you hit... Continue Reading →

Word nerds unite! Content marketers are writers. Whether we’re crafting short, 140 character tweets, copy for our next ad or a lengthy blog post, we love the process. And . . . . we are always seeking ways to get better. One of my fellow content marketers, Barry Feldman, put together this great post that... Continue Reading →

What Does It Take to Build an Online Presence?

When I start working with a new client, I quickly remember how overwhelming the world of digital marketing can be.  Terms like content, optimization, inbound, traffic and organic are thrown around casually and used interchangeably as if everyone knows what they mean. My clients tend to be incredibly smart people who know that they need... Continue Reading →

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