website consultation

You can produce the world’s best blog, but if your website isn’t designed to engage and convert your readers you’re wasting your time. Working with me begins with a high-level website consultation.

This package includes:

  • 1 Hour Discovery Session
    We will discuss your business – what you do, who you serve and your short and long-term goals. We will also explore what you have done to market your business so far – what worked, what didn’t and the challenges you encountered.
  • Website Assessment
    Armed with the information above, I will perform a critical review of your website. I will look at how you address the needs of your customers and guide them through their journey with your brand. I will also examine a few pieces of your content to get a sense for your style, quality and topical focus.
  • 1 Hour Feedback Session
    I will then share the results of my website assessment. This will include observations, feedback and cursory suggestions for improvements. I will also provide an informal written record of this feedback for your reference.

Key Deliverable: Verbal and informal written feedback and suggestions for website improvements.

If you’re just looking for feedback, this entry-level package is perfect for you.

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