Content Marketing Services

Your content can deliver the recognition, traffic, and leads you crave! The key is intention. You must build and promote content designed to achieve specific goals.

I provide a full range of content marketing services. I can collaborate with you and your team to build and implement a customized content marketing strategy that will help you meet your business objectives.

A Range of Content Marketing Services

The scope of my services can vary. I favor organic content marketing strategies that deliver long-term, sustainable results. Yet, I’m happy to incorporate paid digital marketing techniques when necessary. A typical engagement starts with a website assessment, includes all or some of the following services, and is often combined with professional SEO.

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Content Strategy

A customer-centric content marketing strategy documenting your goals and plans for attracting your target audience.

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Content Creation

Professionally written content such as blog posts, service pages, lead magnets, case studies, and email marketing campaigns.

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Content Optimization

On-page SEO to answer customer questions, build brand awareness, and drive website traffic.

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Content Promotion

Implementation of organic content promotion strategies such as SEO, social media, and newsletters.

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Content Management

Content inventory and auditing to identify and prioritize content improvement and repurposing opportunities.

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Content Reporting

Gain visibility into the success of your content marketing campaigns and track progress toward your goals.

Is Content Marketing Right For You?

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