Website Consulting Services

When you’re intimately familiar with your website and business it can be challenging to be objective. Even when you know you need a change. Get an outside perspective and actionable advice with a website consulting service.

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What Does a Website Consultation Involve?

This service was designed for organizations that are planning to build and implement a content marketing and/or SEO strategy but need fresh, unbiased feedback to guide their decisions. It is also a service I provide to kick off my content marketing and professional SEO services, so it’s a great way to start working with me.

The process for the website consulting service is as follows:

1 Hour Discovery Session

We’ll discuss your business – what you do, who you serve, and your short and long-term goals. Then we’ll talk about what you’ve been doing with your website (what has worked, what hasn’t, and any ideas you have in mind) so I can use these insights to focus the assessment.

Website Assessment

Armed with the information above, I will perform a critical review of your website. I’ll explore your content through the eyes of a customer to determine how well you are addressing their needs and guiding them through their journey with your brand. I’ll click on links, submit forms, and push buttons in search of issues that may negatively affect the user experience and throw your audience off track. And, finally, I’ll do a light technical audit.

The ultimate purpose of this assessment is to identify issues with your website that may inhibit your ability to achieve your goals.

1 Hour Feedback Session

During this call, I will share the results of the website assessment. I will provide observations, feedback, and actionable suggestions for improvements. I will also provide you with a written record of this information for your reference.

The cost of this service can vary depending on the size of your website. Pricing starts at $500.

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