Content Marketing and SEO Infographics

Many concepts are easier to grasp when you provide a visual. Below are a few content marketing and SEO infographics I’ve created as part of my work. You are welcome to download and use these resources in your own content. All I ask is that you credit me and include a link to my site as the original source.

Buyer Persona Questions

Buyer Persona Starter Questions

Buyer personas are research-based profiles that describe your target customers. They can help you generate content ideas and keep you focused on your target audience. As such, they are a must-have resource for anyone responsible for planning and creating content.

To learn more about buyer personas and how to use them, take a look at the following blog posts:

Buyer’s Journey Infographic

Your customers are going through a “journey” when it comes to their experience with your business, and they will need content that answers their questions at each step. Use this infographic when reviewing your plans, so you can spot and address gaps in your content.

Also, check out the following articles to learn more about the buyer’s journey and how it can influence your strategy.

Buyer's Journey Infographic

Image SEO Cheatsheet

Image SEO Cheatsheet Infographic

Images are a great way to add visual appeal to your website. But did you know they can also improve your visibility in search? It takes a little more work, but a clever image that ranks well in image search can drive a ton of traffic to your site.

This cheat sheet explains how to optimize an image for SEO. And, below are links to relevant blog posts for those who wish to learn more.

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